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Hudson Valley CDs
Look below to find great CDs produced right here in the Hudson Valley, NY.
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I'm Gonna Sing This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Singer-Songwriter, Country, and Rock (modern)
by Dorraine Scofield. "Brilliant stuff...Every song is a piece of candy" - Country Notes Magazine
More Information   Released: March, 2005    Updated: July 20, 2015
WWW.ebsters with Pete Santora This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Singer-Songwriter, Rock (modern), and Pop/Soft Rock
by Pete Santora. Produced by Pete Santora, WWW.ebsters contains some great classic R&R/R&B oriented music and wonderful performances by Pete and some very talented friends.
More Information   Released: September, 2013    Updated: September 15, 2014
The Things We Keep This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Contemporary, Pop/Soft Rock, and Folk/Traditional
by Open Book. Mesmerizing duo who weaves gorgeous male/ female vocal harmonies with lush, textural instrumentation.
More Information   Released: May, 2006    Updated: May 6, 2015
I Love the Moon This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Folk/Traditional
by Helen Avakian. Helen's newest CD released in June 2008
More Information   Released: June, 2008    Updated: July 14, 2015

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1.Solo Piano for Peace - solo piano by Louis Landon - solo piano music for peace [18850]
2.unwind - solo piano by Louis Landon - solo piano music for peace [17840]
3.Peace Revolution! - solo piano by Louis Landon - solo piano music for peace [17675]
4.Love Songs & Jazz by Louis Landon - solo piano music for peace [17566]
5.Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids by Louis Landon - solo piano music for peace [15989]
6.Brazilian Wish by Matt Finley [14210]
7.The Gershwins, Cole Porter, & Me by Louis Landon - solo piano music for peace [8625]
8.Joyous Spirit by Louis Landon - solo piano music for peace [8623]
9.Housewife from Hell by Elly Wininger [6646]
10.Stroke Of Genius by Marc Black [6589]


More Information   Released: October, 2008    Updated: August 24, 2015
Spacetime Electronic, Rock (progressive), and New Age
by Steven Lance. The composition is stunning, orchestral, with hypnotic beats that make your body move in universal time.
More Information   Released: May, 2011    Updated: August 24, 2015
Tugging At The Infinite This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Jazz, Contemporary, and Alternative
by Neil Alexander. From Synth Wizard Neil Alexander (The Machine, The Mahavishnu Project). NAIL's music tears down the boundaries between categories, redefining instrumental music.
More Information   Released: April, 2007    Updated: August 22, 2015
Darn That Dream: Solo Piano Vol. 1 Acoustic, Jazz, and Contemporary
by Neil Alexander. My first Solo Piano CD! Featuring a mix of Jazz Standards, Original Compositions & Improvisations.
More Information   Released: March, 2013    Updated: August 22, 2015
Fire & Sun Pop/Soft Rock, Celtic, and Folk/Traditional
by E'lissa Jones Band. Just released... Now Available!!!!
More Information   Released: August, 2015    Updated: August 18, 2015
Green Hole Rock (progressive), New Age, and Dance
by Steven Lance. Follow up CD to critically acclaimed "4 Never and Ever" with even more vibrant rhythms over churning wave structures
More Information   Released: September, 2009    Updated: August 24, 2015
Boil The Sky Electronic, Rock (progressive), and Dance
by Steven Lance. Newest release from Steven Lance. A spatial blend of ProgRock/Fusion/NewAge that will have your mind soaring even as your feet move to the beat.
More Information   Released: May, 2010    Updated: August 24, 2015
Wavicle Electronic, New Age, and Rock (progressive)
by Steven Lance. A musical exploration of the dual nature of light: waveform and particulate. Layed sequencer parts backed by ambient wave structures fuse to form radiant music.
More Information   Released: November, 2010    Updated: August 24, 2015
East Setting Sun Electronic, Rock (progressive)
by Steven Lance. Some fine Eastern influence finds its way into this latest project. Not to be missed is "A Palestinian State Of Mind." Steven Lance is getting better with each CD. Great in car listen...
More Information   Released: October, 2012    Updated: August 24, 2015
Fringe Runner Electronic, Rock (progressive), and New Age
by Steven Lance. Continuing an upward and onward trajectory, Fringe Runner is charged with dark energy. Hear the progression of Steven Lance's "ProgTronic" music.
More Information   Released: May, 2012    Updated: August 24, 2015
Back To Telluride Acoustic, Folk/Traditional, and Country
by Charles & Bernard. Original Americana style with acoustic guitar, mandolin, harmonica and percussion with touches of electric guitar, violin and keyboards giving a bluesy jazz feel.
More Information   Released: July, 2013    Updated: August 10, 2015
PHIL BUTTA: PROGRESSIONS Rock (modern), Singer-Songwriter, and Alternative
by Phil Butta. Pro quality. Great writing. Excellent musicians. Music that flows in the vein of Warren Zevon and Dave Gilmour. Some beautiful melodies and stories.
More Information   Released: July, 2015    Updated: July 22, 2015
Heading South This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Country, Americana
by THE CROSSROADS BAND. The Crossroads Band / Heading South is the bands second release with a mainstream Country sound, more so, than their debut release “Crossroads” which is Country/Blues.
More Information   Released: January, 2009    Updated: July 15, 2015
Crossroads This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Rock (classic), Blues, and Country
by THE CROSSROADS BAND. The Crossroads Band is a mixture of blues/rock with a country flavor. The CD includes the working man's anthem "Free Man",
More Information   Released: December, 2002    Updated: July 15, 2015
high & lonesome This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Rock (classic), Country, and Singer-Songwriter
by David Kraai & The Saddle Tramps. The best country rock this side of 1973! An 11 track album that mixes traditional and progressive, acoustic and electric, laid-back and upbeat, country and rock...
More Information   Released: September, 2007    Updated: July 14, 2015
Part Time Paradise This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Blues, Acoustic, and Folk/Traditional
by Elly Wininger. After 5 decades of playing the acoustic guitar, this is finally the CD that expresses Elly's passion for the instrument in its many glorious voices.
More Information   Released: July, 2010    Updated: July 11, 2015
The Real Me Pop/Soft Rock, Cabaret
by Frank Shiner. Frank Shiner's award winning debut album features Frank singing lesser known songs by some of contemporary music's top legendary artists produced by the legendary Gary Katz (Steely Dan).
More Information   Released: June, 2014    Updated: July 9, 2015
THE HUDSON VALLEY Acoustic, Folk/Traditional, and Singer-Songwriter
by Hudson Valley Joe. 15 original songs performed in an acoustic/folk style.Sounds like John Denver.Early 60's folk music:Bob Dylan,Gordon Lightfoot,Simon and Garfunkel.And Woody Guthrie.
More Information   Released: April, 2008    Updated: July 8, 2015
THE BRONX BOMBERS Rock (50's-60's), Rock (classic), and Blues
by Joltin' Joe. CD SINGLE sounds like CCR ,early Elvis,Stones,Beatles
More Information   Released: August, 2002    Updated: July 8, 2015
911 Folk/Traditional, Blues, and Acoustic
by 911 Joe Salvatorio. 10 original songs played in an acoustic folk-blues musical style- with a post 9/11 point of view.Sounds like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Barry McGuire, Robert Johnson.
More Information   Released: October, 2008    Updated: July 8, 2015
The Streets of Benares,My Love. Poems from India Open Mic
by Joseph S Perna. A poetic spiritual and romantic journey through the subcontinent of the Soul. Spoken word audio book cd.
More Information   Released: December, 2008    Updated: July 8, 2015
Ananda Poems from Nepal Open Mic, World
by Joseph S Perna. A poetic spiritual and intellectual climb to the top of the mountains of the Mind where,in a crystal clear blue lake flowers the illuminate thousand petalled lotus of pure radiant light!
More Information   Released: March, 2009    Updated: July 8, 2015
I CAN DO MOST ANYTHING! Children's, Folk/Traditional, and Blues
by Melinda Marks Burgard. Music & Movement CircleTIme Activities for 0 - 6 yrs. Created by a Music Therapist/Teacher to assist with developmental tasks such as increasing speech, socialization/motor skills, bonding and more
More Information   Released: October, 2003    Updated: July 7, 2015
Modern Sounds Of Northern Towns Rock (classic), Motown/R&B, and Blues
by The Rhodes. The Rhodes' debut album. Produced by Jon Stern. Ten Tracks of Distilled Energy to get you revved up and ready to go. Available June 20th, 2008.
More Information   Released: June, 2008    Updated: July 2, 2015
Spero Plays Nyro Covers, Jazz, and Pop/Soft Rock
by THE CHRISTINE SPERO GROUP. A heartfelt tribute to the music of Laura Nyro, one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th century Christine Spero /Piano/Vocal,Elliot Spero/Saxes/percussion ,Scott Petito/bass, Peter O'Brien drums
More Information   Released: February, 2015    Updated: July 2, 2015
Wind of Hours Unwinding Alternative, Folk/Traditional, and Rock (progressive)
by The Warp/The Weft. Recorded in a cabin in Saugerties, NY, between January and April 2014, WIND OF HOURS UNWINDING is the first full-length album from The Warp/The Weft.
More Information   Released: May, 2014    Updated: June 29, 2015
Carry Me Back Americana, Blues, and Singer-Songwriter
by Mike Corbin and Distillery Road Music. Collection of new and original songs covering a broad spectrum of musical styles. Rhythms and sounds range from jazzy piano tunes, big band horns, salsa and pulsating congas to sounds of classic rock.
More Information   Released: June, 2015    Updated: June 24, 2015
Fortune Cookie Philosophy Americana, Rock (modern), and Roots Music
by The Compact. The Compact's sophomore release, featuring "Purple Crayon," "Not A Love Song," and "What About Me? (What About You?)," with an all-star line-up of musicians! Urban grooves mixed with Jazz
More Information   Released: February, 2012    Updated: June 17, 2015
1@AX (one at a time) Rock (modern), Roots Music, and Americana
by The Compact. A departure from the band's previous recordings, "1@AX" is extremely diverse, each track with its own story and feel. Featuring "It's A Wash," and three unique covers.
More Information   Released: November, 2014    Updated: June 17, 2015
I Can Do All Things Jazz, Contemporary, and Christian
by Gioron Wilkins. Smooth Jazz and beyond.Hear the guitar sounds of guitarist Gioron Wilkins, formerly of "The Isley Bros." You'll hear familiar melodies with the flavor only Gioron can give.
More Information   Released: September, 2005    Updated: June 4, 2015
CHRIS RAABE BAND NEEDS YOU!! Motown/R&B, Blues, and Roots Music
by The Chris Raabe Band.
More Information   Released: September, 2015    Updated: June 4, 2015
SMALL TOWN GIRL Country, Americana
by LaurieAnne . This EP consists of 4 originals written by LaurieAnne~~recently approved for Pandora Radio.
More Information   Released: May, 2015    Updated: June 4, 2015
Shine Resurrected Christian, Singer-Songwriter, and Contemporary
by Arlene Whiteman. Fun,surprising variety of original songs and music that worship The Lord God Almighty! From reflective to uptempo rhythms and meaningful words and music that focus your thoughts,heart,and trust in God
More Information   Released: March, 2015    Updated: May 23, 2015
A Denim Fall This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Folk/Traditional, Country, and Singer-Songwriter
by David Kraai. Fine country folk music from the heart of America. Bob Dylan meets Gram Parsons for sweet tea in an orange living room with white christmas lights. Full-length album with 12 tracks...
More Information   Released: May, 2004    Updated: May 12, 2015
Country Dreamer This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Americana, Singer-Songwriter, and Country
by David Kraai. Fine country folk music w/ a hearty dose of rock thrown into the Americana potpourri for taste. Featuring appearances by members of The Black Crowes, Gov't Mule, Gram Parsons & Emmylou Harris' band!
More Information   Released: September, 2012    Updated: May 12, 2015
Read Your Mind Singer-Songwriter, Jazz, and World
by The Judith Tulloch Band. Jazzy, acoustic, rock.
More Information   Released: December, 2007    Updated: May 9, 2015
Grateful Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic
by Open Book. Open Book's highly anticipated third release.
More Information   Released: May, 2015    Updated: May 6, 2015
Home Planet Electronic, Rock (progressive), and New Age
by Steven Lance. A musical expression of Earth's evolution from the primordial soup to present day human hegemony.
More Information   Released: April, 2014    Updated: August 24, 2015
Swingin' at The Ball Blues, Swing/Jump, Big Band
by The Blue Rays. Live recording at Poughkeepsie Tennis Club in late 2004 in front of 200 dancers.
More Information   Released: February, 2005    Updated: April 16, 2015
Midnight Slim Featuring LaurieAnne - Waiting For The Rock (classic), Americana, and Blues
by MIDNIGHT SLIM W/ WHUD SPOTLIGHT ARTIST LAURIEANNE. single song release of Rockin, Bluesy Song by LaurieAnne with Fred Midnight Slim on Guitar and background vocals
More Information   Released: April, 2015    Updated: April 14, 2015
Curse of the Kill Acoustic, Acoustic, and Rock (classic)
by The Virginia Wolves. "Flower child Kelly McNally & her Organic Rock Band The Virginia Wolves are fresh-faced out of bohemia,saluting America's soldiers on this poetic 13-track album of pro-peace songs."-Sharon Nichols
More Information   Released: February, 2009    Updated: March 30, 2015
Carousel Jazz, Acoustic
by Larry Ham. A straight-ahead jazz piano CD, with Larry's compositions and arrangements. Most selections are piano trio with a few solo piano pieces.
More Information   Released: December, 2006    Updated: March 24, 2015
Choir Girl Christian, Classical/Opera
by Linda Bottos - Choirgirl Music. A Selection of Sacred Music
More Information   Released: December, 2013    Updated: March 19, 2015
Hot & Spicy Cajun/Zydeco, Americana, and Roots Music
by Frankie Joe Daigle & The Swamp Rats. Footstompin’, toe-tapping, highly seasoned Cajun music! Enjoy!
More Information   Released: November, 2012    Updated: March 2, 2015
classical guitar Acoustic, Classical/Opera
by Daniel Stevens. 13 tracks of solo guitar music
More Information   Released: December, 2007    Updated: January 28, 2015
millbrook sound sessions Acoustic, Classical/Opera
by Daniel Stevens. 15 original compositions for solo classical guitar
More Information   Released: July, 2011    Updated: January 28, 2015
Poughkeepsie Jazz Project Jazz, Blues, and Latin
by Poughkeepsie Jazz Project. The Poughkeepsie Jazz Project is a group that hosts a weekly Jazz Jam Session in Poughkeepsie NY. Originally started in October 2012, they released their debut album in November 2014.
More Information   Released: October, 2014    Updated: January 19, 2015
Stroke Of Genius This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Pop/Soft Rock, Rock (classic), and Singer-Songwriter
by Marc Black. Classic folk rock, Warren Bernhardt, Steve Gadd, Michael Esposito. With Art Garfunkel, J. Sebastian. Marc Black follows the heroic love story of Dan Mountain, intimate vocals and beautiful melodies.
More Information   Released: May, 2007    Updated: January 14, 2015
Pictures of the Highway This CD listing includes Audio Samples. Acoustic, Folk/Traditional, and Pop/Soft Rock
by Marc Black. Folky to funky. From 'I Love You Rachel Maddow' and 'Ooh I Love My Coffee' to 'The Moon Whispered', Marc shares scenes from his so-called life. His Pictures of the Highway'.
More Information   Released: September, 2010    Updated: January 14, 2015
Epiphone Flattop Acoustic, Jazz, and Blues
by BOB CAGE. Jazz guitar duets on on original Epiphone flattops
More Information   Released: December, 1969    Updated: January 7, 2015

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