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We are the leading online source for information on local Hudson Valley music. Our pages are used by all types of people — musicians and the general public — people looking to book a band, people looking for entertainment this weekend, people who use our free classifieds, and people who just like to keep up with local music.

We have been serving the musicians and music-lovers of the Hudson Valley continuously since 1997. We average over 21,000 unique visitors to our site each month (I'll be happy to show you our web statistics). These are highly targetted visitors – local musicians and people who are interested in the HV music scene.

If you want to advertise for free, check out our Free Music Services Listings to advertise your music-related services.

Ad Spaces and Rates

Ad Space Cost

Home Page Advertisement
This ad will appear prominently on our home page and take up the entire width of the central column there. The add will be approximately 500 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.
See our home page for examples

  • We'll create your ad using your graphics and text, for a one time fee of $35.
  • Or you can provide a graphic no larger than 500 pixels wide X 300 pixels high.
  • Add links to your existing web site.
$60 per month
$300 for 6 months

$35 one-time fee for us to design and build your ad

News Banner Advertisement
See the top of this page for examples
  • Seen on top of every page of Hudson Valley Music.
  • Choose either:
    • A sentence or two describing what you offer. See the top center of this page for examples. Limit 120 characters.
    • A graphic linked to your web site (either supplied by you or one that we create). See the top right corner of this page for examples. Ads are 144 pixels wide X 60 pixels high.
  • Updated anytime you want.
  • Link this ad to your existing web site.
$15 per month
$75 for 6 months

$35 one-time fee for us to design and build your graphic ad

Sponsored Listings
  • Raise your listing on HVmusic above the rest, literally! Sponsored listings are displayed at the top of each listing page on
  • First create your listing, then use the "sponsor" link on your account page to convert that listing into a sponsored listing.
Click here for a full description.
Click here for rates and full description.
Need your own Web Site?

We build custom websites for musicians, artists, and businesses. Go to our web site for customer quotes and samples of the site's we've built.

Custom built and custom priced.

OK, I'm Interested. Now What Do I Do?

Sponsored Listings can be created from your HVmusic account. For all other advertising, please send us an e-mail describing what kind of ad you would like. We'd like to work with you personally to design the best advertisement for you.

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